About Dlisted.com

Dlisted.com was started as The D-List on January 23, 2005 by Michael K. It soon changed its name when Kathy Griffin threatened to sue the three pennies out of it. (That’s not true.) Since then, Dlisted has been making the internet a trashier place. Michael K’s partner in foolery Allison joined Dlisted in 2013 and made it a better and more Canadian place. Since then, we’ve added a bunch of talented writers who appreciate foolery, and also have a podcast, because infecting eyes wasn’t good enough. We had to infect ears too.

Weekday writers: Michael K, Allison, Mieka, Kristian and Deirdre.

Weekend writers: Michael K, J. Harvey and Jovi.

Guest writers: Ben and C.J.

Past writers: Lahoma, Sweetas, Jack-N-The-Hat, Megan, Carla, Martin, Krista and Harry.

Mods: Michael K, xlalalx, JerryHallMonitor, Mr. Belvedere and Mrs. Garrett.

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